Nim, the Okta Design System

Odyssey - the Okta design system

Hello and welcome! These are the early days of Okta's design system, and things will be in flux for a while. Feel free to poke around, test things out, and explore our guidelines.


Grab all the things

These docs are maintained in the docs package, which exists to document @okta/odyssey.

  1. You'll need the odyssey repo.

    [okta]$ git clone
  2. Make sure you are on a supported node version: >=12.13.0.

  3. Change directory to the docs package.

    [okta]$ cd odyssey/packages/docs
  4. Run a yarn install

    [okta/odyssey/packages/docs]$ yarn install

You may need to install yarn if it's not available.

Serving the Docs

  1. Start up Hexo:

     [okta/odyssey/packages/docs]$ yarn start

    This will generate a fresh set of docs and then start a webserver to view them.

  2. Go to http://localhost:4000/

Odyssey development

In order to see your changes to the @okta/odyssey package reflected here during development, you'll need to link that package locally.

  1. Change directory to the @okta/odyssey package.

    [okta/odyssey]$ cd packages/odyssey
  2. Create a yarn link.

    [okta/odyssey/packages/odyssey]$ yarn link
  3. Change directory to the docs package.

    [okta/odyssey/packages/odyssey]$ cd ../docs
  4. Tell yarn to utilize the linked package instead of the published one.

    [okta/odyssey/packages/docs]$ yarn link @okta/odyssey

Now any changes you make in your local version of @okta/odyssey should be reflected in your local server.


Stop by #odyssey and say hello (Oktanauts-only for now).